How A Calendar Can Make You More Productive

Calendars can make important dates so much easier to remember. Life can have so many important dates to remember, anniversaries, events, baby showers, weddings, deadlines, goals etc. Calendars can make your life so much simpler by just jotting those events down. A wall calendar is one of our favorite options, as it’s easy to see and keep track of things. Wall calendars are definitely a favorite of many other people as well.

First, you need to commit to one central calendar. Get a template online or order one off the internet, maybe just use your email calendar, that is alright too but you need to commit to one. Next, start jotting down the important dates. Start with the recurring dates, team meetings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Next, make important dates and deadlines stand out. You can do this by color coordinating them or highlighting events so they are very visible. Color coordinating can make it more of a fun project anyways! You can organize your colors depending on the different events. For example, birthdays and anniversaries in blue, appointments in pink, meetings in orange and more.

If you have goals that you are trying to achieve, try putting a start and end date on your calendar and that will help you remember and keep you on track as well. Write down your family schedule, work schedule, workout schedule etc. Everything that you need to do during that month and you can go into as much detail as you need. Write down birthdays of close friends and family so that you don’t forget. (This gives you brownie points for remembering as well)

Second, start writing down recurring payments on the dates they need to be paid. For example, rent/mortgage is due on the 1st of the month, car payment, your workout class payment etc. This way you remember when everything is due and it does not come as a surprise when that auto draft hits or you do not receive any late fees.

Third, write down any vacations you have planned. Maybe you’re tasking a weekend to go visit some family or a friend. Write that down. This will also give you something to look forward to.

You can also write down any tasks that you want to get done on a certain day. For example, spring or fall cleaning on October 1st, picking up the dry cleaning, your turn to pick up the kids from School etc. Maybe you have been trying to find time to clean out your fridge, writing the task down will help you remember but also keep you accountable because you are constantly seeing it.

Fourth, start writing down all of your appointments. You can add your hair appointments, client appointments, vet appointments for the pets, doctors appointments etc. This will help ensure that you always know what is coming up and how to plan your day/week accordingly. When I know I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, I know I have a few hours to get my work done and get my workout in before that so this holds me accountable while also helping me to remain productive throughout the day. If you have a date night planned with your significant other, write that on the calendar that way this reminds you that you have to hire a babysitter before then and gives you both something to look forward to.

I strongly believe that having a calendar has made my life less chaotic. A lot less of that “I think I’m forgetting something” feeling. I feel a lot more confident on what is coming up and making sure that I am never forgetting important dates. It also gives me certain dates to look forward to and constantly making sure that I’m not forgetting anything. It helps me line up my week accordingly and my days accordingly. It also helps me be a lot less forgetful and a lot more productive. There are ways to make this task more fun, come up with ways to personalize it and always remember to keep it updated.