Community Development (NEAD/CDF FREEDOM SCHOOL)


The NEAD/CDF Freedom School will help children develop a love for reading; discover their inner strengths and abilities, and involve them in social action projects so they realize they can make a difference in themselves, their family, community, nation and world. We will focus on High Quality Academic Enrichment, Intergenerational Leadership Development, Social Action and Civic Engagement. The NEAD/CDF Freedom Schools program model will ensure students have the necessary skills for attaining success after graduation in higher education and the work force.

Program Description

NEAD Freedom Schools practices the compensatory methodology designed to address the reality of impoverished communities faced by children and families. The Freedom Schools model supports five pillars of focus: High Quality Academic Enrichment, Parent and Family Involvement, Social Action & Civic Engagement, Intergenerational Leadership Development, and Nutrition, Health and Mental Health. These elements construct a foundation that enhances student motivation and impact young adults to realize they can make a difference. The model fosters the needs of families in helping them build better communities.

Program Focus

  • Literacy, using culturally relevant high quality books and materials;
  • Encouraging children to dream, set high goals and expectations, and cultivate positive attitudes;
  • Wholesome nutrition;
  • Civic engagement and social action;
  • Developing non violent conflict resolution skills;
  • Connecting families with health care and other resources;
  • Children are engaged in music, cheers and chants that have positive, stimulating messages.