Princeton Prize in Race Relations 2016 Winners

The National Board of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations would like to thank all the students who applied this year and their supporters.

As stated on the Princeton Prize website, “the issue of race relations continues to be one of the most urgent and important challenges facing our country.” After reading your applications, we are convinced the future of race relations is in good hands. You are all to be commended for the work you are doing, and we hope you will continue your efforts in furthering this cause.

We wish you great success in the remainder of your high school career and in the years beyond.

The following are the 2016 recipients of the Princeton Prize and Certificates of Accomplishment:

Princeton Prize: Thomas Cuyler, Miles Christopher Perry
Certificates of Accomplishment: Rachael Albarran, Gina DiPaola and Joab Louis

Thomas photo

Thomas Cuyler (Photo: Jeff Spevak)

The 18-year-old Cuyler, a city resident, has worked with NEAD’s Freedom Schools after-school programs for at-risk children, but it is his work with GIS – Geographic Information Systems – that he was honored for. The geocoded data allowed him to map minority-owned businesses, crime and violence, which also went toward explaining racial tension between Latinos and African-Americans. His group won a $50,000 grant from the city, competing against professional groups such as the Rochester Police Department.

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