About Us

North East Area Development, Inc. (NEAD), is a not-for-profit neighborhood organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. The volunteers and staff work with city officials and agencies to revitalize and stabilize the Sector 8 neighborhood in the northeast quadrant of Rochester.

Our Mission

North East Area Development, Inc. is a non-profit neighborhood organization organized and operated to lead quality of life enhancement activities through community, neighborhood and business development, housing enhancements and development, and to plan and assist in educational, cultural, recreational and social activities. Approved by NEAD’s Board of Directors Sept. 2012

Our Vision: “Building Tomorrow’s Community Today”

Executive Director – George H. Moses

As NEAD’s Executive Director, George brings to the organization, over 20 years of experience in grass roots community development; 8 years of experience in neighborhood organizing and empowerment.  He is developer and spokesperson for the “Smart Choices” Anti-Drug Dealer Initiative, a collaborative between the Rochester Police Department and the Neighborhood Empowerment Team.  He is the key liaison for the establishment of the 1st Western New York Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools and a spokesperson for the Childrens Defense Fund “Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline” initiative.  His philosophy is community deveopment is rooted in the 4 P’s focusing on People developing Place based initiatives forming strategic Partnerships and educating on Policies that effect neighborhood life.  In 2005 he was nominated “Father of the Year JJA School #33″ by the Rochester City School District. He is also recognized for his ability to build consensus among diverse constituencies and to consistently bring to fruition, neighborhood initiatives.

President of the Board of Directors –Regina Seabrook

Charles S. Burden – Treasurer

Secretary –Doreen Young         



Freedom is Our Business
(Economic & Educational Freedom)


NEAD 990

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